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Agatha Kronberg - Modern Artist 

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Born in Atlanta, Naphiysh Amiyr has lived in California and New York before settling in Maryland. He graduated from Towson University where he received a B.S in Computer Information Systems. His love for creativity and color arrangement began in 2004 where he spent a summer in Japan gaining exposure to paint, graffiti, and DJ equipment. A couple years later Amiyr received a book called Graffiti World, by Nicholas Ganz, that solidified his obsession with drawing. At some point in his early teens, he began drawing on his notebooks, desks at school, arms, even the exterior of his mother’s job on one occasion. As a painter and visual artist, Amiyr aims to evoke personal and universal  feelings from his viewers by sharing his own thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and life experiences through abstraction.  


Amiyr is based in Washington, DC. His art has been showcased twice at Pipe Dreamz Art Gallery in Baltimore: once for a solo exhibition and a second group exhibition called the Quarterly Dream Circus. He also served as a member of the design committee for Ryan’s Inspirational Skate Park in Damascus, Maryland. The most pivotal moment in his career was showcasing 18 pieces at his first solo exhibit in 2018. He also created his first NFT web domain in the fourth quarter of 2021.

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