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Matter Over Mind, 2018

Matter Over Mind, 2018

63' x 37' Acrylic, Paint Marker, Spray Paint, Wine on Canvas


    Matter Over Mind is comprised of four separate parts of the conscious that each have an underlying theme. The red portions signify the depressed part of my conscious expressed through the “shitty end of the stick” that the American government (and the world) continuously gives all of us... the future isn’t looking too great for us either. It is this part of the conscious that is fully aware.

    The right top- half is described by the paranoia associated with depression. Paranoia can stem from friends breaking your trust or the fear that it will happen in the future. What happens when your friends diminish all trust that you had for them? The bottle is a double entendre. It alludes to drinking to escape depression as well as the government’s role in supplying it despite its harmful effects.

    The crudely drawn face to the right of the bottle represents my conscious understanding of the average person who may not necessarily be aware of the programs, systems, and agendas that are going on globally. Ironically, the average person is smoking a joint (of Chronic) and while he inhales, my understanding of the world around me becomes his understanding. The average person thus breaks free of his prior disposition and is no longer in the 99% of people who do not possess this knowledge.

    All 4 parts of the conscious come together to form one entity around the center of the piece where my name is written in Arabic repeatedly. The words in this painting are just as important if not more, than it’s visual appeal. If people cannot learn something from this piece, then I accomplished nothing. 


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